We offer a wide line of cages and custom pet supplies for your chinchilla, guinea pig (cavy), ferret, rat, hedgehog, rabbit and bird. Check out our wide line of cage accessories to add some flare to your pet’s home. Fleece cage liners, wire floor conversion kits, organic supplements, fleece hammocks, fleece tubes and ledges, wood houses and wood shelves are only a few of the many items we carry.

With all the unsafe pet products available on the market, MyCritterStore goes through great effort to select high quality, safe and affordable products to offer for your pet. If we wouldn’t use it with our pets, we won’t sell it!

STOCKING Hanging Bag - Stuffed Kiwi Sticks - 1 LB
Our Price: $18.00
Our Price: $16.75
STOCKING Hanging Bag - Stuffed Kiwi Sticks - 1 LB
Fleece hanging stocking bag stuffed with goodies!  You can select a custom fabric (see the CUSTOM FABRIC TAB) or get it just as shown. Scrubbed, boiled and baked treat for your pet / critter.
Ferret Nation Critter Nation FULL CAGE SET Feisty Ferret Floor Conversion Kit
Our Price: $169.50
Our Price: $10.00
Ferret Nation Critter Nation FULL CAGE SET Feisty Ferret Floor Conversion Kit
Full Set for your Ferret Nation or Critter Nation cage.
Cushion your critters feet with a floor conversion kit for Prevue Feisty Ferret Home and Prevue Critter Home.
Our Price: $199.50
Our Price: $40.00
Guinea Pig and Hedgehog cageguard style cage home modified C&C cage Cage Guards
A complete EXTRA LARGE, DOUBLE LEVEL fully enclosed rabbit / bunny cage habitat unlike anything you've seen before. Don't forget easy clean up floor liners (not included). Also makes a great nighttime cat cage.
Keep your floors clean with our new CAGEGUARD / Poo guards. These cageguard are made to fit the FERRET NATION / CRITTER NATION. IMPORTANT: If you have a Feisty Ferret Cage: indicate "Fiesty Ferret" in the notes... If you do not indicate Feisty Ferret in the notes, your cageguards will be made for the Ferret Nation. Contact us for specialty cages. ---PATENT PENDING---

For the safety of our customers animals, we do not accept returns; as I cannot resell returned merchandising. Please be sure of what your are ordering. I am always available for questions. Email me at mycritterstore@outlook.com if you are uncertain about what you should order.

NEW: Have a multi level cage... 5% Discount now available for multiple sets purchased.