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If you are ordering Custom Fleece Decor, please allow up to 14 days for your order to be processed. All orders are "handmade to order" here at our store in Northern California.

Below are some things to remember when ordering:
  • To order a custom made item from the "CUSTOM FLEECE DECOR" pages, simply click on the item you wish to purchase. The item will come up and under "Choose Your Options" you will be able to choose the quantity as well as enter your Custom Order information in the fields provided. Then simply click add to cart. I recommend verifying your selection in your shopping cart before placing your order.
  • Your shopping cart will show the item you added and will also have a '+' button that says "view list of options selected". Verify that the pattern selected and any sizes entered are correct prior to proceeding to check out.
  • Your first pattern selection may not be available. Make sure the email address associated with your order is correct, so that My Critter Store can contact you if any questions regarding your order arise. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if there is any question about your order, we will ask!
  • For Liners remember, we have 2 different styles:
    • LINER OPTION #1: 3-Layer Liner, which sits on top of your pan and is weighed down with items in your cage (Feisty Ferret cage liners come with corner ties).
    • LINER OPTION #2: The second liner option is a Pillowcase Liner. This liner slips over your pan, like a pillowcase. There is two absorbent layers on top and one on the bottom of your tray.


Anchor Patchwork

Blue Green Lattice

Blue Gray Plaid

Blue Ocean Wave (sold out)

Bouquet Pandas


Colorful Donuts

Colorful Paws on Black

Colorful Paws on Gray

Cool Llamas

Denim Patch Medallion

Dragon Scale Navy

Elegant Foxes

Floral Woodlands

Galaxy (coming back soon!)


Granger Blush Aztec

Gray Plaid

Happy Koala

Lauren Blue Green Plaid

Lily Frogs

Monkeys on Aqua


Panda Hearts

Pink Roses on Black

Safari Animals

Coral Flowers & Butterflies

Sharks and Minnows(sold out)

Sketched Hedgehog

Violet Galaxies (back in soon!)

Wilderness Plaid

Tie Dye Paws

Dots on Blue

Happy Hedgies

Pastel Raindrops

Adorable Owls

Bright Turtles


Firework Show

Dots on Black

Dots on Red

Hungry Dinos

Sleeping Owls

Colorful Butterflies

Navy Lime Aztec

Sherbet Foxes

Soccer Stars

Summer Fun

Sugar Rush

Coral Blue Medallions

Black & White Lattice

Blue Green Stripes

Blooming Flowers on Grey

Hearts & Paws on Navy

Jungle Elephants

SOLID COLORS (Colors may vary depending on screen resolution and device)

Not sure what color matches your pattern, just write "Best Match" or "Best Match Green", "Best Match Blue", etc..






rcoal Gray











Lime Green

Royal Blue

Lettuce Green

Orchid Bloom

Light Grey

Slate Blue

Rose Pink

Hot Pink

Pastel Pink

If there are any questions please contact us: